主演:拉什达·琼斯 J·K·西蒙斯 琼·库萨克 詹森·舒瓦兹曼  





贾斯帕(詹森·舒瓦兹曼饰)被认为是邮政学院最差的学生,他驻扎在北极圈内的一个冰冻岛屿上,那里的当地人之间几乎不交流,更不用说写信了。当贾斯帕准备放弃之时,他找到了自己的盟友阿尔娃(当地的一名教师,拉什 详情


God ) we had a holiday, is used to celebrate mass and money tree.On Christmas Eve, Christmas and a clean political figures, as well as a kind of lawyers in a senior hotel the same elevator.The door is opened, three people at the same time sees a piece of NT $1000 banknotes, guess who will pick it up?Answer : of course it is Santa claus!Why? Because everybody knows that the other two don't exist.Santa 's reindeer swallows your pencils, what should you do?Answer: use a pen.Santa Claus like word garden do?Answer: hoe. ( hoe and ho homonyms in English, hoe is weeding meaning, Ho is Santa claus.What can Santa out, they still have?Answer: coldBefore the timeThe Christmas season, the mood to ask man on trial:" you do?"" My Christmas shopping early," answered the prisoner cried."It's not a bad thing," the judge said," how long?"" Before the store opened," answered the prisoner.Santa Claus JrOne day, mother asked less than: do you believe in Santa Claus?Less: well ... ... ( think ) do not believe that ... ...Mother thought of less than really grown up. She then asked: why don't you believe in Santa Claus?Less than wants to say: because it never snows.Christmas treeCharlie every year to his father complained to the Christmas tree, his father always said it was too expensive, do not want to buy.Christmas arrived again this year, Charlie's father really is he had a headache, mention then ax out of the door. After a moment, father is carrying a big Christmas tree back. Charlie screamed out happily," Dad, you really great, just take a moment to cut such a big tree!"Father patted him on the back of the head and said," silly boy, cutting down trees which have so fast, I bring back from market."Charlie asked:" you are not too expensive to buy?"Dad said : "do not see me with the axe?"In 1, the three stages of man:Believe in Santa claus.He doesn't believe in Santa claus.He is a Santa ClausSanta's grandsonChristmas will come, a unit at a Christmas party, as a result of the programs of many, Santa Claus in general finally came out to bless you. To play Santa Claus actor without incident, take beard down to eat KFC. When the host said:" now by the Santa Claus to congratulate Christmas. Please Santa." when playing Santa Claus actor, hurried on to the stage, the beard to forget to put on the stage. The host does not look right, the Santa Claus how no beard? Say:" what you are!", when he knows he is forgotten have needed, he is urgent in bread.:" I am Santa's grandson." compere immediately said:" please put your grandfather called." he replied immediately ran backstage wearing a beard, say to everybody:" you see my grandchildren."Christmas wish" Dear Santa, I received a sister, instead of a racing car. Perhaps, another wanted sister boy but received racing. We put the sister left Yan, but now I still want a car."Neighbor boy see Alexander wrote, and quickly wrote a letter:" Dear Santa, last year although you get me a car, but this year I also need a big old new car. As for the new baby sister, you still have to give it to Alexander." Riddle and the answer